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Butter Chicken Shop concept Drive In

Butter Chicken

World's most addictive dish

To re-invent the incredibly popular Butter Chicken flavour as an iconic brand, The Butter Chicken Shop offers easy-to-eat-experience of freshness and taste from retail outlet, online delivery and delivery platforms.​

Our Concept

The future of Indian cooking

Having developed our concept in 2018, it took us over 12 months of trying, tasting and testing our recipes to establish a perfect marriage between the ever popular taste and flavour of Butter Chicken and the fast food menu items- from burger to pie to wraps to curries, focussing heavily on retaining the unique velvety buttery flavour of Butter Chicken.
We are adapting Indian cuisine to the unprecendented technologival advances in cooking methodologies which gives consistency quality and maintain flavor of dishes cooked anytine, everytine and anywhere.

Future of Indian cooking

Customer Satisfaction

The Butter Chicken Shop has consistently maintained very high degree of customer reviews

The Butter Chicken shop Uber eats ratings

Stay Tuned

uber eats Butter Chicken shop analysis

Stay Tuned

Franchise & Investment Opportunities

Interested in bringing your knowledge and experience to our concept.

We are seriously looking to forge relationships with people, food service management companies, venture capitalists and industry leaders to develop our concept into a successful Fast food casual chain of outlets.

No chef concept

No Chef concept

The Butter Chicken Shop kitchen is a chef free environment with all sauces cooked with precisely weighted ingredients and methods to give you a consistent taste everytine, everywhere.

No food wastage concept

No food Wastage

Our cooking concept is designed to operate at a nil food wastge as menu items are cooked fresh and to the requirements

adopting modern latest cooking menthods

Future Proof

By using latest cooking methodologies and technology we aim to develop the butter chicken shop to a world class chain store.

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