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Butter Chicken Shop concept Drive In

Butter Chicken

World's most addictive dish

To re-invent the incredibly popular Butter Chicken flavour as an iconic brand, The Butter Chicken Shop offers easy-to-eat-experience of freshness and taste from retail outlet, online delivery and delivery platforms.​

Our Concept

The future of Indian cooking

Having developed our concept in 2018, it took us over 12 months of trying, tasting and testing our recipes to establish a perfect marriage between the ever popular taste and flavour of Butter Chicken and the fast food menu items- from burger to pie to wraps to curries, focussing heavily on retaining the unique velvety buttery flavour of Butter Chicken.
We are adapting Indian cuisine to the unprecendented technologival advances in cooking methodologies which gives consistency quality and maintain flavor of dishes cooked anytine, everytine and anywhere.

Future of Indian cooking

Customer Satisfaction

The Butter Chicken Shop has consistently maintained very high degree of customer reviews

The Butter Chicken shop Uber eats ratings

Stay Tuned

uber eats Butter Chicken shop analysis

Stay Tuned

Franchise & Investment Opportunities

Home based Food Business, Add-On Menu to an existing food business or
Takeaway/ Casual Dining restaurant.

Every major cuisine has a popular Fast food brand worldwide. Be it Mexican with Taco Bell and Guzman y Gomez, Nandos with Portugese, chinese Mr Chow & Panda Express, vietnamese, european or japanese, EXCEPT Indian food, especially when Indian cuisine is the fastest growing segment in the fast casual dining market. worldwide.

Based on the global popularity of Butter Chicken we have developed first of its kind Chef Free Casual dining fast food Indian franchise model with popular range of menu palletes which cater to Indian and global audience with diverse ethnic background and taste buds.

butter chicken shop brand


Home Based Food Business Setup from $28000*.

Add On Menu to existing Business from $10000*

Takeaway/Fast Food Casual restaurant from $70000* upwards.

Low cost home based setup or small commercial setup can be significantly different from fast casual dining restaurant, though both operate on same principles.

Minimum real estate required for kitchen/ takeaway setup. This can be hugely beneficial and cost saving especially where there is commercial lease.

Food license (Class 2,3 or 4) is required for the business depending on the location and setup.

No chef concept


When hospitality industry is facing acute shortage of reliable chefs and with growing expensive hospitality staff who are constantly looking for better opportunities and shifting loyalties, this model is totally chef-free for franchise owners.
With absence of time consuming prep and cooking, making it easy to manage and operate with one-two men operation.

adopting modern latest cooking menthods


Full supply chain of menu items in finished/ semi finished or raw materials.

Our unique innovative cooking process ensures maximum freshness and consistency in taste and texture, anytime, everytime. The taste can be easily adapted to the different taste pallets of people from different demographic and geographical regions with minimum effort. This saves preparation time, labor costs, on demand availability avoiding daily shortages.


The primary product to offer is our signature dish - Butter Chicken and its variations, along with a range of popular dishes from pizzas, burgers, biryanis, wraps, chicken wings, HSP, samosas along with a range of carefully selected popular Non veg and Veg curries.

No food wastage concept


Our cooking concept is designed to operate at a nil food wastge as menu items are cooked fresh on demand.

Kitchen essential equipment  required- Chillers, freezers, gas/electric stovetops, combi-oven, deep fryer, rice cookers, chips warmer, drinks fridge, commercial microwaves. These requirements depends on the type of business model, kitchen space and Food License available for location.

We are a growing brand with high customer reviews and market goodwill

Online central Ordering and POS setup, Full Brand identity/ promotional material/ signage/ packaging and in house visual media and full training in our existing setup for staff and owner, operational documentation.

* Costs  do not reflect Labour charges, council and Food License Fee, any Lease costs and licences.

For business operation, setup costs and business opportunities Please msg 0411317422 or email

No time wasters or casual info seekers.

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