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Fast Food Casual

"The Butter Chicken Shop is the fastest growing Butter Chicken Brand "

Future concept store

Artist impression

Our Dream

To re-invent the incredibly popular Butter Chicken flavour as an iconic brand, The Butter Chicken Shop offers easy-to-eat-experience of freshness and taste from retail outlet, online delivery and delivery platforms.

CLEAN EATING- We believe in making our food in;house to improve transparency and quality control.

By using ingredients that are free of addictives, preservatives antibiotics and other artificial components which helps to bring more control over taste and flavor.

FOCAL POINT-  Our commitment to unlock profitability with strong cost controls.

Efficient ONLINE PLATFORM TRACKING and DELIVERY and backend ordering systems, strong customer loyalty rewards and efficient use of kitchen layout to maximise speed, convenience, profitability. This will help to deliver food as fast as traditinal fast food outlets.

Letting customers know the item preparation time of digital screens so they can order items of choice depending upon time they have on their hand.

Above all keep menu simple. After all we specialise in one signature dish.

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