"The Butter Chicken Shop has grown over 300% in last 12 months"

The restaurant industry is growing increasingly crowded and competitive. Daily urban restaurants face escalating rents, rising costs of experienced chefs, lack of customers during week days thus relying heavily on weekend sales only.

Only FAST FOOD CASUAL TAKEAWAYS have enjoyed growth in the current business climate as they are uniquely positioned to take advantage of digital communications and fast changing habits of newer digital generation especially increasing work pressures and fast shrinking eating time.

The Butter Chicken Shop falls in this category.

Having developed our concept in 2016, it took us over 18 months of trying, tasting and testing our recipes to establish a perfect marriage between the ever popular taste and flavour of Butter Chicken and the fast food menu items- from burger to pie to wraps to pasta, focussing heavily on retaining the unique velvety buttery flavour of Butter Chicken, cutting the preparation time and above all retaining the individuality of each product so they can become easy-to-eat experience which you can enjoy several times a week.

Our Values

  • Put your heart & soul in your cooking

  • Think big and grow.

  • Treat your customers as your guests.

  • Incentivise what you want to change.

  • Set the bar high, train, never stop learning.

  • Deliver what you promise

Ph: 03 90921618


98. Doveton Avenue, Eumemmerring 3177, Victoria

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